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k... im out of AP
  nosoul, May 26 2007

80% of the hands i went allin with the best hand
fuck this... lost 15 times in a row with KK going allin ahead... this is fuked up

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KK sux :(
  nosoul, May 25 2007

up 2 buyins today but still, cant shake off this kk thing... wtf 25k hands

my AA is like 450$
JJ pwning at 350$
AKo/AKs 210$
KK only 170$ :/ wtf

close to my 44 at 150$

:D k, thats all the whine for today

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meh! AP is killing me in the last few days
  nosoul, May 24 2007

ppl there r just crazy stations... most of the table is 50vip and u can easily find some 75-80vip once in a while

it was all good to me till 4-5 days ago... everytime ppl call with K2 48 2T... whatevah, they hit botton pair and wont fold lol. i keep losing those pots and at the end of the day, when i add the badbeats im back at the start... or even worse... like today, got so bored with poker that i decided to post on this blog lol
was so close to moving up b4 this :~~ now i need 7 more buyins

some of the hands i posted earlier cooler i guess, np
30sec later dunno if i should bet the turn, he insta called after a raise so i tried to control the pot... bleh
another 30sec later just not my day (had 2 KK vs AA in the last 2 days also... now this, my KK is horrible) maybe turn is ok, but the other hands made me bet that much on the river... steaming a lil, but i wasnt so bad i think

well, i think thats it :D my first whining post.

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